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Category Entertainment
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Software Description

"Samplisizer is a powerful multi-level tool, enabling each user to comfortably work on his or her own level ranging from simple drag*n*dropping loops to creating one's own tunes, tracks and drum-loops. More than 3,500 elaborate loops are carefully composed, *four-to-the-floor* club music consistent, and harmonically fit each other so that even a random mix in the workspace produces an incredibly sophisticated outcome. What can I do with Samplisizer? - Immediately create professional music no matter if you have done it before or not - Create your own compositions belonging to the most popular club styles, using more than 6,500 club style consistent loops and samples from Samplisizer library - Create your own tracks and loops based on internal library samples or other imported (wav, mp3) samples - Record your vocal or instrumental parts directly in Samplisizer to the accompaniment of the music you have written - Arrange or remix existing compositions by adjusting *bpm* with high precision ranging from 60 to 240 - Work with projects of unlimited length and use samples and loops of an unlimited length - Export projects to the *wav* format with CD quality" .....

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