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MCleaner(best sms/call reject) for S60_2nd

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Category Mobile Solutions
Cost Below INR 5,000 / Below USD 100
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Software Description

MCleaner is a firewall software, which can reject the incoming call and SMS, it's easy to use and good for you when you are busy now, constantly in important meetings or discussions. The set-up is very simple, and you will get rid of all the unwanted incoming calls and SMS. Competitive features: Auto-start mode; Running on background; edit whitelist or blacklist by Keyword; Blocked logs can be easily viewed and restored; Protect the user's privacy by password and Out Logs To Blacklist Functions & Characteristics �powerful SMS/MMS filter MCleaner supports SMS/MMS/wap push/wap bookmark filters, with an omni-directional filtration mechanism. It keeps users free from junk SMS, with a combination of five filter options information, covering whitelist, black list, mobile phone address list, service information, unknown information etc. It provides multiple processing methods for information rejection, such as Reply, Restore, Delete, etc, and enables users to process all junk information with ease .....

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