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Mind2Chart add-in German

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Category Project Management
Cost Below INR 5,000 / Below USD 100
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Software Description

Every project manager knows how many risks, expenses and shadow aspects are hidden in the transition of an idea to the plan. That is why every project manager wants: This transition to be natural and keep the idea. This transition to take minimal time and effort. To obtain the results that make it possible to estimate the idea: how feasible it is, what risks are hidden in this project, what critical areas are present. To obtain a plan that is obvious, clear and detailed enough to start working at once. To obtain a plan that allows analyzing project implementation and estimating its current status.

Project managers of ApriorIT - Ukrainian software research and development company - thought about this situation too since IT projects need more than thorough management.

IT project management requires a lot of work on gathering and discussing requirements and then turning them into estimations. Mindjet MindManager? is very good for such brainstorm meetings with customers to get all requirements specified. Everyone who has experience in such discussions knows that the preliminary evaluation of the project must be done fast. Create the initial estimates .....

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